Take Action to Treat Your DFU

Antibiotic ointments and gauze dressings may not be enough to treat your DFU. That’s why you should seek care from a wound care physician at a specialized wound care center that can provide a range of treatment options to promote wound healing beyond gauze and antibiotic cream. 

Take action and get the help you need. Find a treatment center near you and talk with your wound care physician about therapy options that might work for you

*The “Find a Wound Care Center” tool is not an endorsement or recommendation of any Wound Care Center, or any assurance of the quality of care that may be received at such Center. Identified Wound Care Centers have both met Acelity’s uniform clinical criteria and have chosen to participate in this listing. The center’s past, current or future financial relationship with Acelity was not considered as a selection factor. The tool is not comprehensive and may not reflect all qualified Wound Care Centers in your area. It is your responsibility to assess the credentials and qualifications of any Wound Care Center found using this tool and KCI disclaims all liability arising from the use of this information. This tool may be modified or discontinued at any time.

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