If you have a diabetic foot ulcer, it’s important to understand that antibiotic ointments and gauze dressings may not be enough to manage your DFU. That’s why you should take action and seek care from a wound care physician at a specialized wound care center that may provide a range of treatment options to promote wound healing beyond gauze and antibiotic cream. A wound care center can also help educate on other ways to help heal, such as blood sugar level monitoring. 

Studies have shown many benefits of treatment at a wound care center, including increased comfort, faster healing, fewer complications and recurrences of foot ulcers [1]. When you care for a wound early, you can help avoid the devastating effects of amputation.

These are some common treatments your doctor or wound care center may use:


[1] The Journal of Foot & Ankle Surgery. Diabetic Foot Disorders, A Clinical Practice Guideline. Volume 45, Number 5, September/October 2006. American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons.